I am giving a conference tonight in the church at 7:15 on “The Lord is Close to the Broken-Hearted:  A Spirituality of Sadness and Mourning.”  It will be some reflections that I have had about trying to make sense of a broken heart with my faith.  I can’t promise you will be healed, but I can promise that I’ll tell you what I know about this topic, and maybe the Lord will heal you….



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3 responses to “CONFERENCE TONIGHT

  1. Linda Hammell

    Father… thank you for sharing your wisdom and your experiences with us tonight. It takes a lot of courage and faith to remove the masks that we wear and expose our innermost souls. Thank you.

  2. Kim Denley

    Hey Fr. Basil, I wasn’t able to make your talk. Will you be putting it on your blog? I would really like to hear what you have to say on this subject! Thanks! Kim Denley

  3. I actually recorded the talk on my phone. I’m trying to figure out how to download it onto the blog itself so that everyone can listen to it if they want.

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