“A Consecration Prayer/Poem to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”


I actually post this with some amount of anxiety.  I do not often post poems.  I guess I think that most do not appreciate them or understand them–or worse yet, that it will simply not be very good.

Inspired by Pope Francis’s re-consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I was inspired to try writing one in verse form.  It seems to me that the most beautiful woman in the universe deserves a consecration that at least attempts at being beautiful itself.  The poem is meant to be prayed as a consecration or reconsecration to Mary (or sung if there is someone who has the gift of music and wants to find a tune for it–hint, hint….)

Each stanza roughly follows a certain concept/mystery that is vital to either consecration or devotion to Mary:  offering, renunciation, Annunciation, Visitation, reparation, conversion, the Wedding at Cana, and Crucifixion.  It is only a rough pattern, and I mention it just for the sake of interested parties who are curious about the theological structure of the poem.  Other theological concepts are, of course, woven throughout.  Thus, I testify as priest and teacher of the church that this poem contains the essential elements of consecration and may be used as authentic prayer.  If the prayer is somehow found lacking by legitimate authorities, I will humbly change or retract it.

The consecration is what I call a “Perfect Octave”–it consists of eight stanzas of eight lines apiece, and even each line has eight syllables (a few have nine and the following or preceding line has seven, still essentially completing the requirement of eight).  Theologically, keeping in mind that the world was created in seven days, “the eighth day” represents the new day of creation and rebirth that will be brought about when Jesus comes again–i.e., the final day, the 8th day.

Alas, but much of the poetry that I write is sad.  I have often used poetry as my primary medium for working through those emotions.  For many reasons–completing a dissertation being not the least of them–I really haven’t penned many prayers lately.  The following poem tries to make up for this injustice.  After praying for awhile in front of the Blessed Sacrament, a very gentle, feminine voice welled up in my soul:

Basil, I miss you.  And you owe me a poem.”

I began to cry.  What could I do?  Refuse?  Not likely.  I read the consecration prayers of Sts. Louis de Montfort and Maximilian Kolbe then read some devotionals of Margaret Mary and Blessed Pope John Paul the Great, and this prayer of my own poured forth.

I am a Knight of the Immaculata.  And I hope this prayer is worthy of her.  Whether or not it is inspired is not for me to judge, but to the hearts that hear it.

I am a Knight of the Immaculata.  And I hope this prayer is worthy of her.  Whether or not it is inspired is not for me to judge, but to the hearts that hear it.

Consecration to the Immaculata


Rev. Dr. Basil D. Burns

My lady, Mother of my heart

I offer you my nights and days,

My thoughts and deeds, my doubts and art,

The dreams I’ve sought, each joy and plight

I lay before your feet as flowers

Wilted, simple as they are

To be transformed by your meek power

Into armaments of war.

Echo heaven with my promise!

Tremble hell!  For one more soul

Has sworn to overthrow the darkness

By entering the bles’sed fold

Of she who will crush Satan’s head

For I renounce his pomp and lies

Entrusting to the one who bled

For me my heart as His sole prize.

What happened when angelic fire

Awoke the pure simplicity,

Placed in your womb by God’s desire

From heaven into history?

In your surrender became wife

Of God and Mother of the Lord–

So be it done unto my life

According to thy tender word.

A sword has pierced thy purest heart

So it may learn to tender be.

When we are burned and torn apart

We become tender just like thee–

The portal of the Eucharist,

Our sacrifice borne from your womb;

Immortal let me bear the kiss

That conceived God, then kissed his wounds.

For pain when blessed is holiness

And hurts harm not when full of grace.

“Alone” need not mean “loneliness”

When they are warmed by your embrace.

I offer to my Lady Sorrow

For the insults to thy Son

In reparation for all woe

My pain, that pain might be undone.

Immaculata, Queen of Mercy,

Make of me a temple pure

That in my heart the Majesty

Of Jesus Christ will reign secure.

Please take these gifts with your clean hands

I offer with mere words and art

From the altar that silent stands–

The shrine that is my broken heart.

My lady, I have no more wine.

I’ve drunk enough–the night’s far gone–

And there is precious little time

To unlearn this rough, bitter song

So I surrender to your word.

(You only sing what Jesus sings)

In whispers of the Spirit heard–

The duet with the King of Kings.

Help me to drink the bitter cup

Prepared for me in my dark hour.

Stand by me with your mother’s love!

Console me with your gentle pow’r!

I’ve roamed this valley dark for years–

An exile in my sin and grief.

John made a home for you in tears —

In joy, please make a home in me.

Rev. Dr. Basil D. Burns

Completed October 21, 2013

The 13th Anniversary of my Diaconate Vows

**Photo by Akiane Kramarik, an inspired child prodigy, when she was only 12 years old.  Please see:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ealRd0XJUq0



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8 responses to ““A Consecration Prayer/Poem to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”

  1. Jeanne Karam

    Thank you! Beautiful! I am reading (praying) ’33 DAYS TO MORNING GLORY’ and this beautiful poem was perfect. God bless you, Father Basil! May I share this with my ACTS sisters? Please let me know…

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Monique

    Such a beautiful poem and prayer. Thanks for sharing. I needed this today.

  3. victoria

    Beautiful! Just like Mary. Never forget she is with you. Thirteen years, she has good timing. I have faith her hand helped you compose her poem. Thank you for responding to her request.

  4. cistrecker@yahoo.com


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  5. Allison

    Such a beautiful talent to write the way you do…brings tears to my eyes. God bless all you do, Fr. Basil.

  6. Golda Spiers

    The consercration is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the love you have for our Mother with me
    Golda S

  7. Claudia

    I love this poem,because for many years I a severe and painful way to go.I’ve carved by God Cross detected for what he blessed me and accepted.I was looking out of deep sadness and hopelessness help with, Jesus Christ, that he me lead out of the valley of tears.Step by step, I got more and more enlightenment to understand which truth is the correct.

  8. Annemarie

    Fr. Basil,
    Thank you for this poem- I am currently painting an image of our lady of Guadalupe and reading this made the experience all the more prayerful and beautiful. Our Mother Mary led me to your poem as I was looking for an image like the one you chose, to reference for my painting…deep shining blues in Mary’s mantle… What a lovely poem, it fully resonates in my heart, too. Immaculate pray for us and wrap us ever closer into your mantle! May God bless you and make you a holy, joyful priest. Keep writing! You never know how God will use your gift to bless others.

    In Mary’s Heart,

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