Gospel Reading Program, Weeks 1-4


Here is a slightly better formatted version of Weeks 1-4 of the Gospel Reading Program, which brings us through to February.  Please give me some feedback about this:  is my original justification for the program itself still posted, or have I erased it?  Again, I apologize for the confusion.  Satan doesn’t like this project AT ALL and it has taken SO MUCH TROUBLE that I’m not liking it right now very much either, but that is besides the point.

My apologies about some mistakes in formatting when it comes to this Reading Program.  You would not believe the amount of attack that I am being subjected to when it comes to getting this program out into the public and formatted correctly.  Honestly, my anger level regarding this project is presently great, as has been the amount of work that has gone into it.   Please pray for me, because I feel as if I am being punished for it.  I am going to assume that this should be good news for us!  If Satan hates it, then we love it!  

This is a work in progress from a disciple, not a professional work to get a promotion, so don’t expect it to be too pretty!  I have no idea why I have to HAVE to suffer these skipped lines when I copy and paste, but it is simply unavoidable.  But it makes me aaaaangry….!!

To give people a little bit of a “grace” period, we are still “officially” on Week 1, if you choose to read along with the facebook version of this group which is entitled, “Master, Teacher, Lord.”  Week 2 begins this Sunday.  


EVENT/WEEK (Avg. 73)                                             MATTHEW                   MARK                          LUKE                      JOHN

WEEK 1 (76):  “The Fullness of Time”:  (Matt 1:1-17; Luke 1:1-25, 3:23-38; John 1:1-18)

Pre-existence of Christ                                                                                                                                                       1:1-18

Genealogy of Jesus through Joseph                            1:1-17

Genealogy of Jesus through Mary                                                                                                     3:23-38

Intro/Gabriel Announces John’s Birth                                                                                                  1:1-25


WEEK 2 (83):  “A Child is Born”:  (Luke 1:26-2:20)                                                                       

***The Annunciation***                                                                                                                       1:26-38

***The Visitation***                                                                                                                             1:39-56

Birth of John the Baptist                                                                                                                   1:57-80

Angel visits Joseph in a dream                                                                                                          1:18-25

***The Nativity***                                                                                                                                   2:1-7

Shepherds visit Jesus                                                                                                                         2:8-20

                                                                     MATTHEW                        MARK                                    LUKE                    JOHN

WEEK 3 (55):  “The Divine Child”:  (Matt 2:1-2:23; Luke 2:21-52)

Circumcision of Jesus                                                                                                                             2:21

***The Presentation***                                                                                                                        2:22-38

Wise men bring gifts                                          2:1-12

Joseph’s family escapes to Egypt                   2:13-15

Herod’s wrath on Bethlehem’s children           2:16-18

Joseph’s family settles in Nazareth                  2:19-23                                                                            2:39

***Finding in the Temple***                                                                                                                       2:40-50

The childhood of Jesus                                                                                                                           2:51-52 


                                                                        MATTHEW                       MARK                                        LUKE                   JOHN


WEEK 4 (93):  “The Way is Prepared”:  (Matthew 3:1-17, 4:1-11; Mark 1:1-13; Luke 1:19-34, 3:1-4:13)

Ministry of John the Baptist                              3:1-12                               1:1-8                                      3:1-20

John baptizes Jesus                                         3:13-17                            1:9-11                                   3:21-23

Temptation of Jesus                                         4:1-11                               1:12-13                                   4:1-13

John’s testimony about Christ                                                                                                                                          1:19-28

John recounts Christ’s baptism                                                                                                                                         1:29-34






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8 responses to “Gospel Reading Program, Weeks 1-4

  1. Monique

    Just wanted to say that your hard work and time spent putting this bible study together is very much appreciated. I appreciate your guidance and leadership as I continue to grow in my spiritual journey.

  2. Golda Spiers

    Father Basil
    The format may not be perfect but the Gospel Reading Program is. It is clear that the Blessed Mother and Holy Spirit are with you.
    Thank you for the gift

  3. Cynthia Strecker

    Fr. Burns, I for one, REALLY don’t care about pretty or skipped lines! I am just so grateful to you for doing this. Satan must be afraid!

  4. Joni Parent

    For me, even the first week of my prayer time with this material has been fruitful, so I thank you for your efforts and pray that you will experience many graces for leading us.

  5. Ann Poison

    Hi Father Basil, I guess I misunderstood the Date u were beginning your first week. If I missed the first week, I am sorry, but I will plan on being @ the next one. Where & when will it be? My Prayers are with you.

    Love & Prayers, Ann


  6. Rocky McLellan

    Lookslike a wonderful teaching outline. Not only focused on one Gospel, but inclusive of them all. God bless you for your love of Holy Scriputre and your ability to share it with your congregation. You’ll be fine Father Basil …… the “gates of hell shall not prevail”

  7. Allison Meguess

    Fr. Basil – the first week I printed it up, it came out fine. This week, it’s a little wonky, but the week title lists the books and chapters which are matched up with the topics. And week 2 is easy. 🙂 Don’t stress over the format.
    My first week was very enlightening…I look forward to week 2. Thank you for your hard work and effort.

  8. Pratt Landry

    Fr. Basil: thank you for helping us gain a deeper understanding of scripture and prayer. These sessions are are blessing to those in attendance. We look forward to the continued series. Your training is helping us a lot. Thanks again. Pratt & Margaret Landry

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