Sometimes I hate this blog…


When I post the breakdown for what readings to cover, it does not appear in my construction window as horribly as it does below, and I cannot simply attach a WORD file like I can do on Facebook–so please see “Master, Teacher, Lord” on facebook for an easier way to take a look at this.  I am no longer going to fight with formatting the breakdown of these readings week by week.  It takes too much time, and this is supposed to be my “day off.”  Hahahahaha.  Hopefully you have found the list yourselves.  If not, please email me at and I will email you a microsoft word file.  I don’t know of any other way to do this.  



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2 responses to “Sometimes I hate this blog…

  1. Pratt Landry

    Hang in there! I am in the process of starting up a new computer using windows 8.1 after having been using Windows XP for a number of years. Time doesn’t seem to matter to the geniuses that present us with such great technology. Is all of this really necessary or are we slaves to software writers that have no use for what we worked so long to be able to use. Frustration is rampant. I know how you feel but it is the content that we all desire. How we get there is the challenge. Keep up your splendid work. Pratt

  2. Suzanne

    Post it as a public link to a google doc

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