Short Accident Update

I Swerved to avoid hitting a white car that was merging on me, hit some mud and water on the median and lost control, going into a ditch. My phone was not charged so I couldn’t make any calls.  That is such a lost, abandoned feeling, my friends…  The car itself has only minor damage, but “minor” these days still equates with “expensive.”   I’m very sorry, guys. Nothing is wounded but my pride, I guess…  And probably my pocketbook….  Let us proceed to Week Four for next Week’s lecture, and maybe I will just try to post some thoughts about the Joyful Mysteries.  Many of my insights are found in my Presentation homily, my thoughts on Mary, and another post that I made about the three kings–so you should have most of this information.  It is different, of course, when it can be shared personally as it was meant to be shared.  Again, I apologize, and please continue to pray for me as I do for you.





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3 responses to “Short Accident Update

  1. Cindy Strecker

    Will pray every day. Do you need any rides anywhere?

  2. Pratt Landry

    I do not think my original comment went through. I apologize if this is a repeat. Thank you for letting us know that you are okay. Thank God! There were about 55 people in attendance last night. Fr Jerry saved the night. Everyone is very eager to learn more and cherish your teaching. We all fully support you. You can certainly catch up through your blog. We look forward to resuming a normal schedule. Please do not give up! Pratt

  3. So relieved to hear you are okay! We feared so much worse when you were not at the presentation. We can imagine how stressful your night was not being able to get word to those awaiting your presence. Do not stress over not being there. Fr. Jerry did a great job and represented you well! None of us will ever forget our surprise when we heard the “scream” he learned from three women in Uganda … their response to the presence of the Holy Spirit! LOL!
    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help! Diane and Marty

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