My apologies for not showing up this evening.  I got in a car accident and my phone was dead and so could not contact anyone. It was awful.  I feel badly i let you down.  I will make it up.  



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8 responses to “Sorry

  1. Pratt Landry

    Very happy to hear from you! We are all worried about you. Are you okay? Pratt

  2. Dino Balliviero

    Fr. Basil,
    My goodness. You know the Holy Spirit is watching over you. You remain in our prayers. Stay strong.

    Dino Balliviero

  3. Monique

    Thanks for posting. It is a relief to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  4. dstgermain2012

    Father, are you okay? That is what is most important!!! Diane & Marty

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Cindy Strecker

    We prayed for you and will continue because the devil doesn’t want you to bless us, but he doesn’t get to have his way!
    Cindy Strecker

  6. Ann Poirson

    Thanks for letting us know. Father Jerry led us in prayer for your safety. Hopefully you are unhurt. Ann

  7. Pratt Landry

    When you are up to it please let us know your condition. All of us are worried about you and are concerned. If necessary ask Marcia to send it for your. We need to hear from you! We pray that you are okay. Pratt

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