February 10th Scripture Study Update



NEXT LECTURE WILL BE THIS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 12, AT 7:00. The lecture will center on the MINISTRY OF JOHN THE BAPTIST and THE TEMPTATIONS OF JESUS. Due to the increasing numbers, I will probably hold it in the church. (Hopefully, the stunt I pulled last week will not discourage you from coming…) Please be advised that the lecture will be on the readings for WEEK FOUR, which you should have finished reading already. This week you should be in the middle of thereadings for WEEK FIVE. I know that it might be a tad confusing, but this is really the best way it can be arranged–I end up preaching in the middle of the week on the readings you have already done. So the lecture will be on (Matthew 3:1-17, 4:1-11; Mark 1:1-13; Luke 1:19-34, 3:1-4:13), but you should (as am I) presently praying with the readings: (Matt 4:12; Mark 1:14; Luke 3:19-20; John 1:35-3:36).


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  1. Cindy Strecker

    My father is having surgery in New Orleans on Wed and sadly,I will have to miss the lecture……. 😦

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