IMPORTANT PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be away for two weeks attending to my program of recovery–both physical and emotional. This past year has been a blessing to be with all of you, and I look forward to having it continue. But it has also been filled with personal difficulties, and I must take some time to attend to some issues involving depression and medication. I hope to return in the power of the Spirit to enter Lent with my full attention bent on my ministry. I am very frustrated with the medications that the doctors have prescribed which seem to be damaging rather than helpful, and I have been given a choice basically to wean off some anti-depressants slowly over months, or else to do it quickly and somewhat painfully.  I have chosen the second option.  Your prayers are much needed.

PLEASE CONTINUE READING ON SCHEDULE! Please remember that this reading program did not start out as a lecture program, but as a personal reading schedule to grow closer to the Lord. But nevertheless, I will try to make it up to everyone by doing a conference EVERY WEDNESDAY DURING LENT on the passion and death of the Lord.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated, and needed.  I just want to get back to ministry healthily and happily.

Basil Burns





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  1. Elayna Cross

    Our prayers are with you Father. You are a blessing to us. Take care.

  2. Joni Parent

    Fr. Basil, my prayers for you will increase during this transition. Thanks for your candor about your own struggles; it opens the door for the rest of us to be open about our own. Although I can’t attend the Wednesday lectures, I am blessed by following the reading schedule and I am grateful for your efforts in keeping us all on task. Look forward to your return!

    Joni Parent

  3. Monique

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will continue to pray that The Lord blesses you as you get through this difficult time. Sure will miss you sermons at Mass as they are always very inspiring and eye opening.

  4. Many of us struggle with clinical depression. It is a disease like no other. I offer my prayers for you along with due respect that you have chosen the 2nd, more painful, route to healing. Offer it up, Father! Bless you.

  5. Kathy Langlois

    You will be, as you have been, in my prayers. You are loved much.

  6. peter and jane bachemin

    Fr. Basil, By now you should know how much we all love and appreciate you. Besides our prayers, we hope, in some small way, knowing this will help you through your difficulties. We look forward to having you back with us for lent. Our love and prayers are with you. Peter and Jane Bachemin

  7. We will continue to keep you in our daily prayers. We trust in God’s promise to us in Romans 8:28. You are truly a blessing to our parish and are loved very much! Diane and Marty

  8. Peter DiMaria


    Continued best wishes and prayers as you address your health issues. Pete

    God love you! Father DiMaria


  9. Ana Tanner

    Our prayers are with you. May God bless you while you are going thru this time of healing.

  10. Margaret Nicolosi

    You will be missed by many. We will keep you in our prayers at daily mass. Looking forward to your return back home to OLL.
    Prayers always,
    Margaret Nicolosi

  11. Ann Poirson

    My prayers will continue for you & your healing. We will be waiting for your return, you are so gifted in the Holy Spirit, you fill our hearts with his Love by your presence, may you be completely healed will be my prayer for you. Love & Prayers, Ann

  12. Carolyn Crockett

    Father I will keep you in my prayers Please come back because I enjoy your teachings. They touch me.
    Carolyn Crockett

  13. Carolyn Crockett

    I pray you will be back with us soon. You are in my prayers. Your homilies touch my heart and soul. I personally know so many parishioners that feel the same.

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