Reading Progam + Personal Update

I am going to try to cut and paste this, people.  The problem is that when I write, it looks one way, and when I press “publish,” it sometimes reformats what I write to look differently.  If there is any confusion, write me–or please go to my facebook group, “Master, Teacher, Lord”–I can actually publish a microsoft word document in that format.  If things reformat, keep in mind that there are NO readings from John for these several weeks, and the Sermon on the Mount is found ONLY IN MATTHEW AND LUKE.  Neither Mark nor John discusses it.

A Chronological Gospel Reading Program of the Life of Jesus Christ

As I mentioned to most of you, I took two weeks leave to detox from several powerful anti-depressants that were prescribed by the doctor.  It turns out that they were ultimately depressing me and wrecking my health, and the experience was a very difficult, painful one.  The positive side of being at a detox hospital was that when I said private mass, the heroin addicts quickly caught on that there was a priest there and by the time I left, about three quarters of the hospital was going to mass—the Lord works in mysterious ways.  My apologies for the delay and the confusion, but it was sincerely beyond my control.  This was something I simply had to do and am glad now that I am on the other side of it.  My friends, PLEASE be careful what drugs you put in your body.  Doctors are no longer universally looking out for your health, and they make serious mistakes like we all do.  You need to do research and be your own advocate!

OK.  Now for an update on the reading program.  Technically, we SHOULD be on WEEK 11, but I don’t even think I had provided those readings yet.  Because of my absence at the hospital for two weeks and taking a little while to play “catch up” at the parish, I need to modify my plans a little bit.  I had considered reading about the passion during Lent, but I think because of circumstances we should just stick to the chronology.  I suggest that this week we back up to Week 10 so that we can spend two solid weeks reading about the SERMON ON THE MOUNT, which is really Jesus’s central teachings, and then maybe go into Holy Week reading something about the Lord’s passion and death.  This seems appropriate for the time of Lent we have remaining.






                                                                 MATTHEW                                       MARK                                    LUKE                         JOHN


WEEK 10/42 (33): (Matt 4:23-25; Matt 5:1; Matt 12:14-21; Mark 3:7-19; Luke 6:12-19) ________________________________________________

Jesus withdraws to the sea                          12:14-21                                   3:7

Many follow Jesus to be healed                    4:23-25                                    3:7-12

Jesus prays on a mountain                                                                                                                              6:12

Jesus selects 12 disciples                                                                              3:13-19                                     6:13-16

Jesus descends and heals the multitude                                                                                                         6:17-19

Jesus ascends to address the multitude           5:1



WEEK 11/43:  “The Sermon on the Mount I” (78):__________________________________________________________________________

Sermon on the Mount I                                      5:1-48                                                                                 6:20-49


WEEK 12/44:  “The Sermon on the Mount II” (62)___________________________________________________________________________

Sermon on the Mount II                                     6:1-7:29


WEEK 13/45 (88):  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jesus heals a Centurion’s servant                     8:5-13                                                                               7:1-10

Widow of Nain’s son is raised                                                                                                                      7:11-17

John sends 2 disciples to question Jesus          11:2-6                                                                                7:18-23

Jesus commends John the Baptist                     11:7-19                                                                              7:24-35

Jesus rebukes 3 cities                                        11:20-30

Jesus dines with Simon the Pharisee                                                                                                            7:36-50



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    OK. That looks horrible. Please read week 10, which is (Matt 4:23-25; Matt 5:1; Matt 12:14-21; Mark 3:7-19; Luke 6:12-19) . It is a short reading. The readings for next week will be the first half of the Sermon on the mount: Matthew 5:1-48 ; Luke 6:20-49

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