Lecture Tomorrow on Discipleship–Please Spread the Word!


Again, I apologize for the lack of inclusion in the bulletin. I have been renewed at Lourdes for another year so we have time to be together. Tomorrow (Wednesday the 21st) I will lecture on Week 18 which focuses on the theme of DISCIPLESHIP. We will read about the 12 being sent out to preach (Matt. 9:35-11:1) (Mark 6:7-13) (Luke 9:1-6), the Death of John the Baptist (Matt. 14:1-12), Herod’s fear over John (Mark 6:14-29) (Luke 9:7-9), and the return of the Twelve (Matt. 14:13) (Mark 6:30-32) (Luke 9:10) (John 6:1).

Out of respect for the synod the bishop has called, I will NOT present next week since that is the evening that Our Lady of Lourdes is supposed to present her concerns to him at St. Margaret Mary.


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