LECTURE TONIGHT AT 7:00 in the CHAPEL of the Family Life Center.  Please be mindful that Deacon Bob will be conducting our monthly baptismal seminar, so perhaps try to come a little early and settle in before they start so there is not too much disturbance or confusion.

My last lecture was June 4, which was on the Bread of Life Discourse.  Technically, that was Week 20, so I should be lecturing on Week 22 this evening.  This evening I will lecture on Weeks 21 and 22, and next week I will cover Week 23.  The citations are given below 

There will be no lectures in July because of my vacation, others’ vacations, and some personal considerations.  During the month of July I will pursue some writing projects of my own that will hopefully bear fruit in a published book and a few talks on Catholic Radio – I’ll have to see what God has to say about that.  But I will continue my private reading of the gospel as my original program dictated. 

Next week I will give some printed sheets about exactly what to do in July and beyond, and when we start up again in August, more attention will be paid to putting this in the bulletin.

Keep watch for themes involving the nature of SIGNS (Jesus’s healings and miracles) and its connection to FAITH, the nature of TRADITION and the confession of Peter before the TRANSFIGURATION.  What do you think about Jesus’s discussion with the apostles at that point?

So for this evening read the following:

Week 21:        Matthew 15:1-16:12/ Mark 7:1-8:21

                        Matthew 7:31-37 

Week 22:        Matthew 16:13-17:13/ Mark 8:22-9:13

                        Luke 9:18-36

Next week read the following: 

Week 23:        Matthew 17:14-18:35/ Mark 9:14-50

                        Luke 9:37-50

As usual, I spent awhile formatting all of this perfectly for clarity, and I expect that when I post this, it will completely re-format my work into something that looks awful.  So say a prayer and figure it out the best you can, and don’t let the Devil psyche you out.  🙂



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2 responses to “Lecture Tonight in CHAPEL of FAMILY LIFE CENTER

  1. Louise Carman

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I so appreciate you deciding to continue with these lectures and no matter what the schedule, there is always something to be learned from them. Last night was no exception. Lots of good stuff and new insight into the ministry of Jesus. I feel truly blessed to have you in our parish and pray for your continued support.

  2. Cindy Strecker

    Great lecture last night, as always.

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