Lecture Tonight!

Real quick!  Lecture tonight on John 10:22-10:42; Luke 13:22-14-35!!  Jesus goes to Jersusalem the final time before his Passion and speaks of the COST OF DISCIPLESHIP!  I know I’ve been disorganized, but welcome to my life.  I’m recovering from a bad back…  I guess that is part of the cost of discipleship!



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6 responses to “Lecture Tonight!

  1. victoria

    You’re correct Father! I hope to make it tonight, I need to hear this message anew. Thank you, even if you feel you are disorganized always remember our best friend is the Divine Organizer. So it might seem disorganized with human eyes but it is organized just the way He has planned if you. God Bless and touch the work of your hands. Remember to smile and laugh because God is Good? All the time. My three year old and I take turns asking and answering this question all the time. If she is having a tantrum I’ll ask her this question and she’ll stop and smile and say ” All the time”.

  2. Danette D

    Aaaarrrggggghhhh!!!!! I want to go, but I have mommy duty tonight while Matt is at Men’s Club.

  3. Cindy Strecker

    Victoria, I love you Divine Organizer message! I will remember that always!

  4. Cindy Strecker

    Father …… Looking forward to it!

  5. dstgermain2012

    Thank you so much for going beyond your pain and presenting last night at OLL! I experienced God’s Word coming alive in every part of what you said! Captivating! And it is so obvious by the way you present that you are personally excited by what you are continuing to discover in Scripture and that it is a joy to share with us! This is a sign to me of a truly gifted teacher! God’s Word has so much more meaning to me when I hear the historical background and what some of the important words of Christ mean in Greek, Aramaic and/or Hebrew! I left feeling completely satisfied like I had just had a wonderful meal at a 5 star restaurant! Thank you so much! Marty and I have you in our daily prayers for healing!

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