Lecture Tomorrow, Wednesday September 3

Lecture this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Family Life Center on Matthew 19:1-26; Mark 10:1-27 & Luke 17:11-18:27. This week we will hear about the meaning of “spiritual childhood” and the attitude it takes to enter the kingdom of heaven.Jesus_with_children

Due to extenuating circumstances, the next two weeks are going to be the last two weeks that I can lecture for at least one month. For all practical purposes, our regular scripture courses are likely going to end at this time. But not to worry! There are other teachings underway! I would like to preach a mini “catechism” on the Blessed Mother and the birth of the Lord each week during ADVENT – on Wednesday if this day still works for most. Additionally, during LENT, we will return to studying the regular parallel events of the Life of Christ, except focusing specifically on the Lord’s Passion and Death. It will be a perfect devotion to undertake during Lent!



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2 responses to “Lecture Tomorrow, Wednesday September 3

  1. dstgermain2012

    Sounds good, Father. I hope to be there.

    But, I must tell you that I am struggling right now with the cross of trying to let go of my adult child. Situations happened last week that are making me realize that I am not doing a good job of letting go and accepting this cross. I am consistently waking up at 2 or 3:00am and can’t stop thinking about my daughter, her husband and her children. I try praying the rosary and can’t go back to sleep and so I get up and start my day. I am exhausted most of the day.

    I feel most sad about what I see happening to our mother/daughter relationship. I do not know how to communicate my love for her. I do not want to push her further away.

    If this sadness and loss of sleep continues any longer, I plan to seek counseling. But, first, I plan to invite Kristy to go away with me to the beach for a weekend soon…just the two of us. I want to have time alone to better understand who she is and how I can love her just as she is. I have no intentions to change her. I can’t. But I hope to heal our relationship. Peace be with you! Diane

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    • There is nothing I can say, I think, that will take this heartache away from you. In many ways, those are the things that most belong to us. They are our war-wounds — the things that make us look like HIM. I do not like them either, but “If we suffer with him, we will reign with him.” By all means, reach out to your daughter. You can only try with a good conscience and an open embrace. The rest is up to her decision and God’s grace.

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