Interested in a Women’s Retreat Coming up November 7-9?

I wanted to let everyone (especially the ladies) know that I am preaching a women’s retreat on the spirituality of Therese of Lisieux next weekend, November 7-9 at the old Cenacle on St. Mary’s Blvd. in New Orleans. The retreat consists of several talks, mass, confession (all ministered by yours truly), and an opportunity to spend some quiet time with the Lord. I will also be doing a special healing service with a first class relic of the Little Flower (very rare!) for those of you with a special devotion to her. I am to understand that there are already 30 women signed up, but they have 10-15 more spots they would really like to fill. Please call Susan Halligan at (504) 267-9604 if you are interested in the details.  Please don’t ask me about how much it costs or exactly where it is, because I don’t even know myself. 🙂

Quite often I kindof fly by the seat of my pants.  I hope I can see some of you there!

Fr. Basil


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One response to “Interested in a Women’s Retreat Coming up November 7-9?

  1. Cindy Strecker

    We leave town on the 4th and I’m not sure if we will be back in time, but I will call Susan just in case!!!!!

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