Transfiguration Homily Youtube Link!

Hello friends!  I know that I have not been very active with this site in awhile since moving to Canada, but that hasn’t meant that my preaching has gone silent.  I simply have not been giving Sunday homilies as consistently as usual, and I am in the process of re-envisioning what God wants me to do regarding my teaching ministry.  I feel that Jesus wants me to move more in the direction of providing more audio and visual aids since it seems that is where the world’s ears are right now.  That being said, the following link is from this past Sunday’s homily at Christ Our Saviour Church in Prince George, British Columbia.  For those of you with the time, I hope you can gain some benefit from it.




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12 responses to “Transfiguration Homily Youtube Link!

  1. doctorshark

    Father Basil,

    Thanks for picking up your blogging again. You’re missed down here in Slidell.

    Pax Domini te cum!

    Joe P.

  2. Cindy Strecker

    How lovely to hear from you again!

  3. Virginia Dolsen

    So good to hear from you. You are missed. God bless you.

  4. S. Ducombs

    Thank you for the jump start in my Lent

  5. dstgermain2012

    Fr. Basil, viewing you on YouTube delivering your homilies is wonderful! Took many notes on this one! Miss you! Diane and Marty

  6. Joan Loman


  7. Margaret Nicolosi

    Fr. Basil, It was so good to actually hear your voice and see you instead of me trying to envision you and reading it in your voice.. I always get so much out of your homilies. I hope you do more of these. Miss you at OLL
    You are always in my prayers.
    God bless, Margaret Nicolosi

  8. E. Yuratich

    What a beautiful homily. I have never really understood the Transfiguration, but you brought it to life. You are still very much missed and loved in Slidell. Thank you for sharing with us, across all these many miles. God bless and keep you safe and keep the homilies coming to us!

  9. Michelle Chappuis

    Thank you for sharing you homily with us, we miss hearing from you. I hope all is going well for you. You will always be a part of OLL.
    May God bless you,
    Michelle Chappuis

  10. Louise Carman

    Amen. Prayers answered. Thank you. Louise and Jerry Carman

  11. Marilyn Linker

    Thank you. That was great. Miss seeing/hearing you. The YouTube homilies are a great idea. Looking forward to more. Marilyn Linker

  12. Ray Lepine

    Father Basil,

    It’s great to see that you are doing well and that you are continuing to inspire those in Canada as you did in Slidell.

    The lord has trully blessed you with a special gift of inspiring others and since we can’t be with you in person we very much appreciate you sharing that gift with us through technology. Hope to see more posts in the future.

    Miss you,
    Ray & Kim L.

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